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There are times when your keys won’t work and you get locked out of your home/apartment in the middle of the night.  We at #1 Locksmith can open any type of lock.

Our locksmiths can be contacted directly to open your locks, replace your keys, or fabricate you a new lock right away. They will quickly get to any location in Singapore whether it’s a residential area or commercial space.

All our clients expect professional quality services from us because our locksmiths are highly-skilled in the field. The locks we use come from trusted lock brands to ensure that the locks have a highly-secure design.

What We Do

The complete locksmith services we have at #1 Locksmith can cover any lock problem from home visits to emergency situations. Whether you need to duplicate a key or install a lock in your home or office, we got you covered.

Every lock product we use is boasts a top notch security system to make sure clients get the best security. We even customize locks and keys to suit our clients needs.


Professional locksmiths handle all unlocking jobs using only high grade tools and equipment to make sure we deliver. We do anything from using the basic tension wrench to automatic/electric tools to unlock hard to open locks.

As a last resort, clients can also request a lock destroying method which uses steel lock breakers or specialized drills to open up any door. Car owners can also avail of our pump wedge service to open your car door without doing any damage.


Clients can also avail of our lock installation service to replace their old locks. Modern lock products can be fitted and installed to your doors to enhance security. It is one of our most popular services in Singapore.

Our locksmiths can also install new locks to any car models. They can choose from the manual car lock system or the modern digital lock and key to secure your car no matter where you leave it in the city.


This is another popular service of #1 Locksmith. The versatile key machines at our office allows us to duplicate a key used for any type of lock whether big or small, used for traditional locks or for a cabinet lock.

Aside from creating duplicates, our key machines can fabricate keys from your existing locks or a new lock you just installed. This will be engineered to perfectly fit your locks keyhole. It’s a sought after service by car owners in Singapore.

Top Benefits to Hire Us

Our loyal clients can attest to the high quality work that our locksmiths will be able to deliver. This is because our employees are professional and use only the best tools to carry out all our services.

We only quote our clients for the services we render which means you don’t get any extra charges. Clients can even make a request ahead of time so they know what they’ll be paying even before the service is finished.

In addition, clients also laud our 24/7 service which means we can deliver even in emergency situations whether you’re at home or on the road. As long as you’re in Singapore, just give us your location and our locksmiths will get to you right away.

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Any lock problem can be fixed by our locksmiths at #1 Locksmith. We are willing to help any time! Our friendly customer service staff will always take your call. Call any of our hotlines to book an appointment with our professional locksmiths right away.

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